Having how to Parking Car lifts for your automotive repair shop is important. A mid-rise scissor lift can help you get your job done in a timely manner. It can also help you work on your vehicles in the most comfortable position. These lifts are easy to use and are extremely safe.
BendPak HD-9SWX

Designed for home garages, the BendPak HD-9SWX automotive mid rise scissor lift is a four post lift that can accommodate two vehicles. It is a perfect solution for home owners who have limited space in their garage.

The BendPak HD-9SWX lift can accommodate two vehicles side by side, with enough room for both cars to park. It has a longer rise and wider width than most four post lifts. The extra length is perfect for tall and wide vehicles. It also has more room for mechanics to work on their cars, trucks and SUVs.

Single post car lifts strategies & examples -9SWX is a true commercial quality lift. It can accommodate heavy-duty vehicles such as Class 7 semi-trucks. It is also ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 certified, which means it is built to be safe and reliable.
APlusLift HW-10-KBP-A

Whether you’re building a garage, or need to lift a car, the APlusLift HW-10-KBP-A automotive mid rise scissor lift is one of the best values in the market today. This lift can lift most SUVs and trucks, as well as small vehicles. It’s also built to fit on the garage floor, making it the perfect choice for homes with limited space.

The APlusLift HW-10-KBP-A features an open-top design for taller vehicles. It comes with three drip trays and heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. It also has an adjustable arm design, making it easy to position the arms to access the vehicle.

The lift is also designed to be used with the center of the vehicle between the lift columns. This can help prevent the vehicle from slipping when it is in an emergency.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a budding auto technician, a mid rise scissor lift is a great tool to have around the shop. It provides plenty of room for your undercarriage, which means you can easily perform tire changes and brake repairs, among other common automotive tasks.

The BendPak MD -6XP is a popular mid rise lift for auto professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The lift is designed for low ceiling garages, making it ideal for custom and repair shops. Its impressive features include an increased range of motion, thicker caster, and a larger lifting capacity. Its sturdy steel channel base support provides ample stability.

The BendPak also has an impressively large capacity of 10,000 pounds. The lift is able to lift most vehicles, making it a viable option for any auto repair shop.
Torin Commercial Equipment

Whether you are working in your own garage or at an auto repair shop, the Torin Commercial Equipment automotive mid rise scissor lift is a great way to safely perform the work you need to do. It comes with a five-year structural warranty and a two-year warranty on electrical components.

If you need a lift that will accommodate a wide range of vehicle types, then the APlusLift HW-SL6600X is the perfect choice. This lift has six adjustable locking heights and is designed for vehicles with a high ground clearance. It is also perfect for people with limited space in their garage.

Another option is the Titan SL-6600. This lift has similar specs to the APlusLift HW-SL6600X, and it uses 110 volts. This makes it suitable for tire rotations and suspension work on most vehicles. It has a 50-inch lift height, and a lift capacity of 6600 lbs.

Using a mid rise scissor lift is a great way to get more work done on your vehicle. These types of lifts offer greater height and safety while working on undercarriage. They are a great option for mechanics and home hobbyists alike. goes on to describe can be used for general car preparation, tire work, exhaust, and detailing. The low rise design means that you do not have to lift the car completely off the ground, a feature that is important for vehicles with limited ground clearance.

Mid rise scissor lifts are a great choice for small garages and professional detail shops. They are easy to use and provide exceptional comfort when working on wheels. Using a scissor lift instead of a jack can reduce body aches and pains.

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