Historic Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is a town-owned community/performance center dating back to 1912. It serves as the town's war memorial and has the largest collection of 19th century portrait photography in Vermont.

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An Evening with Gubbilidis

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Doors 7:00 pm • Showtime 8:00 PM 

Gubbulidis is an almost acoustic duo -- Zdenek Gubb (bass) and Mihali Savoulidis (guitar) from the band Twiddle. Mihali and Zdenek met in 2007 when Zdenek auditioned to be the bass player for Twiddle and they have been playing together ever since. With Mihali's looping and Zdenek's bass lines, the two create a full band sound through the stripped down setting of Gubbulidis. Look for their sound and touring to grow and develop alongside Twiddle for years to come.


Kids 10 and under are free.

Kids 11 and up need to have a ticket. 

All kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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2015 • Historic Memorial Hall • 14 W Main St • Wilmington, VT 05363